I Am A Queen Royalty Productions



I Am A Queen Royalty Productions officially launched in January 2010. The concept of the company is to essentially transform girls between 10-18 into queens through empowerment.  The launch consisted of a program with various musical performances, guest speakers and fun activities for the girls to participate in. The brain child and founder of IAAQR Productions is Queen Aftan Williams. Her bio can be found at www.iamaqueenrp.org. Kudos to Ms. Williams for taking a step in guiding our young ladies.


Tamika Scott of R&B group X-Scape hosted the event while the guest speakers included Choreographer Victor Jackson who spoke on fashion,  Recording Artist Sammie who spoke on education, Meet The Browns’ Logan Browning who spoke on living your dreams, Author Lisa Washington spoke on health and beauty and Celebrity Publicist April Love, who spoke on over coming hardships. Cymia of Cymia’s World performed along with Michaela Robinson.


  1. Well that is a good move. Young girls need something positive like this. Much success to the creator as well as to those who participated. The benefits will pay off.
    Is it me or does Tameka Scott look a little like Kitoy Johnson in the main pic? eh..maybe it’s me.


  2. I haven’t seen these other Excape girls in awhile. Can someone tell me if that is Tameka’s sister LoTocha in the blue blazer?

  3. No that’s not Tocha Scott..lol Good to see Tamika helping young women, she has daughters so she understands how important it is and I give her props for this. Tamika is finally on Twitter (@officialTscott), she is working on her solo Album as well as other things..

  4. Thank you Fred for coming out and covering my event and thank you everyone for such positive comments! You all rock!


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