I Can’t Trust Him!


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Iggy Azelea and Nick Young are supposedly done for real this time, the engagement is off and they are calling it quits. Anyone want to take a wild guess as to why? Well, apparently Iggy claims that she can’t trust him! What’s new right?

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This news is not surprising at all to me because it always seems to be the men who can’t control themselves, especially when they are young. However, Iggy only seems to be relevant when she is talking about this young man Nick Young and their relationship, am I right? She is supposed to be a whole artist so I’m confused as to where her priorities lie.

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She made an instagram post earlier today letting the world know that rebuilding his trust again was just not going to happen. Then Nick Young continued with the pettiness tweeting saying : “Single”.


All this is fine and dandy but what I want to know is why this girl made a public service announcement as if her relationship was inspiring someone? This generation, again, is just so stuck on the wrong stuff that it is honestly unbelievable.


I hope that they both get their mind right for the future because relationships really should not be taken as a joke as they are now.


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