If You Were Dying Would You Let Dr. Conrad Murray Save You?


conrad murray


Our source reported that Dr. Conrad Murray was a super hero on board a flight from Houston to Phoenix after this lady passed out. TMZ spoke with the woman, who tells us she got lightheaded on the flight and “fainted for like 30 minutes.” She says when she regained consciousness, she had an IV in her arm and Murray was standing over her. She says he told her, “You probably know me … I was Michael Jackson‘s doctor.” I would have fallen the hell out again. 
She said she wants to tell Dr. Murray,  “Thank you so, so, so much. Thank you for all your help. Thank you for helping me even without knowing me. Thank you.” Do you think this was a publicity stunt?- Courtney L.


  1. Why is it where ever you see the name Conrad Murray, the word needle pops up in the same sentence? Just a thought.

  2. nope! and they should rename him Dr. Death. i wouldn’t let him perform mouth to mouth on my pet ferret.

  3. This so called doctor should be in jail. Why is he roaming around as though he did nothing wrong? Where is all those diehard MJ fans? Lock this man up now.


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