In Stores Tomorrow: Air Jordan 2 & AJF8


jordan-2 reports that the Air Jordan 2 retro and AJF8 (Air Jordan Fusion VIII) will go on sale tomorrow, May 22nd. The Jordan 2 and AJF8’s will be available in men and kids sizes, so ladies and guys can both pick up a pair of these J’s tomorrow.

The Jordan 2 is $135 for men and AJF8 is $140 for men.


  1. i love jordans as much as the next person but why is every freakin shoe always black white and red? is a variety of colors too much to ask for?

  2. @BUTTER I think because Michael Jordan played for the Bulls. They have been releasing some colorful Jordans though.

    I like the the Jordan 2s better than the black and red fusions.


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