Interview: Love & Hip Hop NY Erica Mena Talks Angela Yee, Drug Abuse & Child Custody


As we have all either seen or heard about but the beef with Love & Hip Hop NY‘s Erica Mena and radio personality on Power 105, Angela Yee is real. Check out what Erica has to say about the beef, drug abuse and child custody.


Erica Mena took time out to talk to TheJasmineBrand to clear the air and have her side of the story. The run down of what happened between the two?!  Before the season of LHHNY aired Mena and new cast member Lore’l started to become friends. Lore’l is managed by Angela Yee. Yee did not want the two to become friends nad Lore’l even announced that during an interview. THIS turned into a twitter battle and Mena even showing up outside of Power 105’s studio building. Check out some of the beef tweets below:

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Why did Erica Mena visit Angela Yee’s job at Power 105:

“When you talk about someone’s kid….she’s lucky I only came up there with a box of donuts and not something else. I was making a mockery of her because for someone to be that foolish to talk about anyone’s kid you got to expect something to happen. At the end of the day, it was to get her to understand that I’m really not playing. I sent the message through the grape vine ‘don’t talk about my kid’. She insisted on talking about my kid so I made sure to be there, around the time she arrived at work. Unfortunately, ever since Charlemagne got slapped, there [are] lot of ways to enter the building, so I did miss her. It is what it is. I came to see her and I will come to see her again if she continues to do so.”

Has her boyfriend/cast-mate Rich Dollaz tried to intervene:

“He sees how I’ve been sitting back taking it. Like he told Charlemagne this morning–when you provoke someone you got to expect them to react a certain way. It’s to the point when he sees how they’re provoking me. He just so happens to be cool with the both of them and even when he talks to them on a personal level on leaving me alone, they still insist. At this point, Rich can’t tell me what to do, so I have to do what I have to do as mother–regardless.  That’s why I went to the radio station.

Does she have custody of her son:

Let’s put it like this–I’m asingle momand I have full custody of my son. I’ve never had a custody issue at all. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m very hands on and there has never been acustody battleor nothing. His father doesn’t even take care of him. I’m his full provider, hence why I’m always working. It’s the reason I made my mom retire because at this point I don’t have a nanny I have someone that I know is taking care of my son. It gives me a peace of mind while I’m out working between my mother and I. [So, yes] I have full custody.

Lore’l’s allegations on her doing drugs or abusing them:

“For Lore’l to even say anything when she was hanging out with me so that she could be on the show. ..If I was on drugs, what the f**k does that say about your character? Because she was up and down with me for four months straight, trying to be nice because she knew I was about to start filming the show. Lore’l was living with her mother up into recently. She got a few Love & Hip Hop checks THEN she got her own apartment. I think that all of this little fame is going to her head. That’s all they have to say about me because they don’t have anything else to say about me. “

FULL interview below:


  1. I suprised this BIRD didnt’ choke on a feather in this interview. if she does have full custody of her child, knows she now a TV personality and chooses NOT to amend or change her behavior that all SPELLS
    C-H-I-C-K-E-N H-E-A-D!!!!!! As for Rich Dollaz he’s a fucken joke dodging taking a DNA test cuz he so sorry as a man but has no problem chasing down latin hoes…YEAH OKKKK RICH AIN’T got NO DOLLAZ cuz honey u sure don’t make SENSE…SMMFH!!!

  2. It really baffles me that this broad was offended by Angela Yee’s question. It is a question that has been “the talk” since last season when she said she could sing. The heffa can NOT sing worth a lick. I normally don’t go in on people, but the way that she displays herself is just not CUTE. She is loud and ratchet and desires attention, and RICH DOLLAZ isn’t any better. When she chose to go on t.v. then she chose to be discussed among the public. Coming up to somebody’s job or home will get her handled. #REALTALK

  3. I’m really trying to understand why anyone would want to be friends or even have a sexual relationship with this female. I understand why Olivia didn’t want to do a song with her. This chick is a straight BIRD!! It would be wrong for Olivia to just cut Rich NO Haven Dollaz ass off because he’s been with her when the world was against her but come on whatever brand he had it is GONE by messing with this BIRD!!

  4. Erica reactions to anything is to fight,that makes you look so trashy & psycho. Thats why nobody wants you! you need help ,damage goods.


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