Intruder Arrested At Rihanna’s Home



An intruder was found on the outside of singer Rihanna’s home. they entered next door not RiRi home believing that was hers.

TMZ reports that the man was arrested next door and not on Rihanna’s property. This was outside the bad girl’s Southern California home in the Pacific Palisades.

Neighbors saw the man snooping outside and called police to the scene. The police said, the suspect told cops he was emailed instructions on how to get into the home. He said he went to the property and followed instructions given.

Neighbors went to the home and confronted the man and was detained. Police were called and took the man into custody. He is currently being investigated for burglary.


  1. Oh Rih Rih somebody is after you , I hope its not the big bad boogy man if so you better run far and fast as you can, would hate to see him him get you after all.

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