Is Jay-Z a Racist?


A U.K. reporter is hurling some harsh criticisms at the rap superstar. “Daily Star” reporter Kim Dawson alleges that the Brooklyn emcee refused white people entry into the VIP area at his BRIT Awards afterparty at London’s Merah nightclub. Dawson writes, quote, “Jay-Z is a megastar and yet it was clear white people were not welcome in his VIP area. While the rope was lifted for black guests to breeze through, lets just say it stayed down if your face didn’t fit.” Dawson goes on to say that the incident left her “intimidated” and quote, “feeling like a mauled dog.” Reps for Jay-Z claim that security was provided by Merah, and was not part of the emcee’s personal entourage.
During Tuesday night’s 2010 BRIT Awards, Jay-Z won the title of International Male Solo Artist of the Year. He beat out the likes of Eminem, Michael Buble, Seasick Steve, and Bruce Springsteen for the honor.

Wow! I would’ve never taken Jay-Z for the racists type. What do yall think?


  1. I dnt think that Jay- z is racist at all! Most people surround theirselves with people that they fuk wit! And in most cases they are going to be people of their own race! And if he is racist then oh fukn well! Its his party he can be racists if he wants to! And how many events are there and no black people are not in VIP? Too damn many to count!


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