Is Love & Hip Hop’s Stevie J Expecting an Unexpected Baby?

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LHHATL Star Stevie J and Soon-to-be baby mama, Tammie Grant

Reality TV star Stevie J, of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, is known for producing music for wannabe singers.

According to a source, Stevie is expecting a baby, and No, It’s not by Joseline. Love & Hip Hop’s “Steebie” is involved in a “serious” relationship with the ex-wife of a former NBA player Gary Grant. Tammie and Stevie reportedly only recently became romantically involved, they are thrilled with their “planned pregnancy” and have had talks of marriage. The couple is said to want to keep their relationship details “private.”

Stevie J and his rumored new lady have known each other for years and worked together on the album for Grant’s daughter Taryn. Taryn Grant is a 20-year-old aspiring singer/songwriter who collaborated with Stevie J after being signed to his SJ Music label in 2010. Taryn has yet to speak on rumors of her mother’s alleged pregnancy.

Checkout the statement released by Tammie’s assistant.

Hello, I am the assistant to Tammie Grant and here is an announcement.

Stevie J is expecting a baby with Tammie Grant, which they just received the news. Stevie and Tammie have known each other for a while and recently began seeing each other. Tammie Grant was married to NBA player Gary Grant and is now divorced. The pregnancy was planned between Stevie and Tammie as well of talks of marriage. The couple will keep the details of their relationship private due to the current situation.


Stevie and his latest baby mama, Tammie Grant, are excitedly anticipating the arrival of their newborn. Stevie reportedly has 5 children by as many women.


  1. Are y’all serious with this? Why would any woman want to be involved with a serial liar and cheater? And then on top of that she having a baby by him smh I don’t understand it at all.

  2. This jus futher let me know that LHHATL is STAGED! How u go from tryna work it out w MiMi, “engaged” to Joseline, and got another lady pregnant at the same damn time? He got some true playa skills. Did he learn em from Bill Bellamy or Flavor Flav?


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