Is Ne Ne Replacing Oprah as the New Queen of Daytime Talk With Perezhilton



In a Exclusive I was told that  NeNe and Perez Hilton will be staring in a new show although I don’t have all the details just know she’s doing big things… The show will air on the Wedding channel,  The name of the show is “Platinum Wedding”  and they will be talking about the royal wedding of Will and Kate. The show will be taped in NYC and I’m sure this unlikely pair will make the show worth watching … Personally I can’t wait until Will and Kate jump the broom so we can hear about something else in the news. Nonetheless I wanted to say congrads… P.S. They just started taping the new season of the Real Housewives of Altanta…

In other news Ne Ne wants her own talk show and with Oprah leaving and Tyra gone this would be a prime opportunity for her to take over daytime t.v.

“She was encouraged when she did some slots with local television stations in Atlanta and she thinks that she has what it takes to be the next Oprah or Wendy Williams,” a source said. “Ironically, NeNe does not really like Wendy Williams but she respects what she has done and she believes that she can be even more successful than she has been.”

“NeNe really wants to brand herself with her own clothing, make-up and hair products lines, and she is confident she can pull it off. And with Oprah’s show coming off the air soon she believes the time is right for a new black female talk show host too.”

We all know she is the queen of controversy but can she pull of being the new queen of daytime talk?


  1. One of the reasons that people don’t frequent your site a lot is because you kiss the “celebs” butts too much.

    You need to stop kissing butt so much and maybe people will read your site more.

    Why didn’t you follow up on Pheadra and Apollo? NeNe is not doing big things.
    Stop trying to be on everybodys good side and report like a reporter.


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