Is Pilar Greedy Or Is Deion Selfish?


It’s already bad enough that a divorce was the answer in this relationship, but must we really fight over a pre-nuptial? Yesterday, Pilar and Deion Sanders re-entered the courtroom to settle some issues with the pre-nuptial agreements. Pilar wants to throw it out and just forget about it, but Deion claims that it’s just greed talking.

Deion and Pilar got married on April 21, 1999, but before the marriage there was a “signing bonus” for their prenuptial agreement that consisted of $100,000. Now, thirteen years later, she states that she was forced to sign it and then says that it was forged. Hopefully, they get to the bottom of this soon, because they have children involved as well as their dignity to try and maintain.


  1. Pilar is an anger bitter woman who is fighting a man who cares nothing about her. She will never rest or have peace until she forgives him.

  2. I think Pilar is being greedy. If you watched Football Wives you would understand how she acts. I also think Deion should be willing to cough up more than 100,000 he should think about what is best for the kids. Its a lose lose situation and the real people getting hurt are the children.


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