Is The Engagement The Only Thing That Is Off?




They’re back folks, with their business, again all in the media like someone cares. Nick Young and Iggy Azalea have announced that they are done, the engagement is off and they are going their separate ways. But there’s a catch, as there always is, everyone thought that Iggy was kicking Nick out but sources say, including Iggy, that she will be the one moving out! Well ain’t that nothing!


Yes, Iggy tweeted that she will be moving out but she will be keeping the car Nick gave her as a parting gift. Now we get to the juicy part because everyone wants to know what’s happening with the ring? This engagement ring which is 10.43 caretes and is also said to be worth half a million dollars is the real focus.


The car that Iggy got is worth about, 100k but there is a law in California that throws out the value of that ring because since the marriage never actually happened the ring is simply a gift which lessens the value.


Now, all this is only relevant if the two of them even care about the money in the first place. I really hope it isn’t and that they can settle their disputes as adults with each of them gaining something.




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