Is This What Took Place In Miami Memorial day



I really don’t know what to say about these pictures other than is this what took place in Miami? Did every hood person go to Miami over the weekend? Hummm you tell me what yall think. Yall will never believe these pic’s.

Click here to see yall cousins…

Shot out to Dlisted for the pic’s…


  1. Thank goodness, I didnt go to MIA for the weekend. Really, is this what it is now. Glad i only stay in the Trump, the Fontainbleau, or the W. This ratchedness is ridiculous. . . But hey, can’t knock the hustle cause I’m sure all these chics got plenty of play if they didnt get plenty of pay. You’n know Memorial Day in MIA is for those who want to come up . . .

  2. im from miami and this is how these fools dress and act everyday…just cuz u from the hood dont mean u have to act like it!! my mama would slap me down if i acted like that in public!!


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