Is This Your Son: Bimbowinehouse Put Them On Blast!!!


decided to give his opinion on all the DL peps in hollywood … We at FreddyO say although he’s wrong about a few of the names, he’s got my vote for laugh of the day…  In the video above he give’s he’s feelings, and views on some of our favorite singers and acter’s as he dances to his homemade song… LOL

Its funny people remember its only A joke … “0mg, Usher is A Queen… Omg, Sisqo is a Queen…Omg, Chingy is a Queen!”

Follow his YouTube page for more funny videos


  1. How do you no Bimbo is lying about some names? Are you inside these men’s head or a nerve in their dicks? How you know who they sleep with people kill me thinking they know what men are doing ! They could be fucking fags every night for all we know. Shut your ass up. Bimbo probably right she already had Mr. Cee trying to fuck. That means that bitch pull the trade.


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