Is This Your Son : Bobby Trendy



Bobby Trendy is back to his old ways and out to make a fool out of himself once again. I know yall are like who the hell is he, all I know is that he was on “The Anna Nicole Show” and walked out of the house looking like Is this your son. The homies over at Dlisted posted these pics of Tendy who claims he was dubbed “Bobby Trendy” in the seventh grade when people noted the tacky trendy clothing he always wore. Before becoming a designer and interior decorator, Trendy worked as a cashier at K-mart what a cum up.


  1. Drives an Aston Martin my ass…we all saw the Anna show this broke ass joke is a wanna be! Why do you come to this site if u can’t stand freddy O? Bitch move on if something posted on this ite has hurt ur feelings ((LOL))?? One thing freddy O can say is that he ain’t walking round looking like a muthafuckin’ clown…this shit is almost as bad as that Dariel bullshit…I guess every race has one!!??!!

  2. Bobby Trendy is not broke! Well I don’t know about now. But a few yeara ago his shop was making bank! I love him. He is halarioUs! LoL

  3. search bobby trendy
    he drives a $350K aston martin and oon the anna nicole show was driving a ne w jaguar conv…they dont rent astons…in all his pic you can see that car in the back ground and its neww!! do you know any celbs that drive that? they all drive that tired 150K bently gt!!!
    Bobby Trendy is rich and rules!!

  4. I work at Kitson on Robertson…and Yes he drives up and down the street and eats at the IVY everyday!! Yes thats HIS car and yes he makes bank! He has hired most of my co-workers to sleep with him…with out all that crap on he looks quite good!

  5. If the work he done on the Anna Nicole show is a true depiction of his fashion sense, I don’t see who in the hell would pay for that shit!! In my Dwight Eubanks voice, “how dreadful”.


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