Is This Your Son: Do You Think Men Should Pole Dance?



Sometimes men should think about their future(having kids) or the fact that we have nuts and can’t do everything women can!!! I really don’t know what to say about the picture above, but I will ask the question do yall think men should pole dance? Here are some photos from a new pole dancing magazine that just came out. What yall think?

Here is video of Chines Pole Dancers I have to say they doing things that I never thought a person could do on a pole..


  1. i guess it depends…if its for fitness then maybe, but myman in the photo…hell no! then again i would watch…lol

  2. I’ve seen the pole dancing the guys did in the video before, however what this guy is doing with that pole is disgusting. Or maybe it’s the pose itselft. UGH!!!


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