Is This Your Son: Man Tattoo “Genius” On ForeHead Then Goes To Jail



Is this really a Genius?Ccause if he is how does he just get caught and charged for pistol whipping a pregnant woman. Wow young people, we got to do better but I am not going to talk to much s*it cause he looks like he has killer tattooed on his body somewhere . Genius who’s real name is Jerome Smith has a rap sheet for drug use, attempted murder, burglary and drug possession and just recently did five years in prison. The homie over at Dlisted always post craziness. Here’s all about their latest victim.

Smith, 27, was arrested yesterday for allegedly battering Tiera Bryant Saturday at a Cincinnati residence. Bryant is eight months pregnant, according to an affidavit filed in Hamilton County Municipal Court.

Pictured in the mug shot at right, Smith is jailed in lieu of $50,000 bond. Along with his questionable “Genius” ink, Smith has “Omerta” tattooed on his throat. The Italian word’s common definition refers to the Mafia’

s code of silence.


s bust came less than three months after his release from prison on a narcotics charge. His rap sheet also includes a 2003 collar for attempted murder, burglary, and drug possession. Smith spent more than five years in prison following his conviction in that case.

Wow young people, we got to do better. Meet Genius. This Ohio man just caught a charge for smacking a pregnant woman in the head with a pistol. Jerome Smith was arrested yesterday for assaulting Tiera Bryant, is eight months pregnant. Smith has a rap sheet for narcotics, attempted murder, burglary and drug possession and just recently did five years in prison.


  1. SMH at the cat with “genius” on his fore-head, also SMH at the chick that got pregnant by this “genius”. We have got to do better black people.

  2. Seriously … He was a real genius all right… They should use this Genius as a test on a space ship to Mars and leave him up there… U said it best “WE GOT TO DO BETTER” …… & if we knew better we would do better….. smh

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