Is This Your Son: Too Many Drinks Not Enough Clothes



I must say at what point do you put the drinks down and  back away from the yard chair cup holder … Clearly it is when you start taking off your clothing and thinking you are a 300 pound stripper … One of my readers sent me these pictures cause they new I would love to post them. This is what went down at the party….

Hi I have some photos from a birthday party that took place “IN THE HOOD” ; ) and there was suppose to be a stripper coming to teach a class and everybody was to try out the pole. Well once the liquor started pouring and everybody had had their taste clothes started coming off and all cares were thrown out the door. Well needless to say Joe is a flaming man and looks a flaming hot mess in this photo!!

My only question is why is he the only one naked, was it a set up – – were the ladies trying to get a peak of his goods? LOL … Joe I think they set you up …


  1. lmao…i know him, grew up with him and needless to say the streets in miami is HOT talkin bout this!! they was posted on his facebook page so u kno he aint shame….cuz HE allll gurlll he say lmao…im sorry but im embarrassed for him….he really a hood star now….AND NO THIS IS DEF NOT MY SON!!! LMFAO!!!, THANKS FREDDYo

  2. The girl with the brown boots in that first pic is looking good. Somebody give me her facebook page I like her. This faggot is really from Miami? Damn Why do girl like hanging around punks? Brown boots say ain’t so?!!

  3. lol FYI brown boots is a lesbo and yes they are from miami and no thats not neffe….they should really be ashamed of they self….

  4. Terrible!!!!!! My friends just recommended an cool club~!So JUST– __- “Agegaplove^^^com”, you’ll get it– then!!- __ It’s a nice place- for Younger Women– and Older- Men, or Older Women and Younger Men, to– interact with- each other. Age gap is- not problem– there.

  5. Miami-Miami where u from in Miami? Brown boots is on the other side of the fence?! Damn she cute too I got a Internet crush on her!!


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