Wyclef Running For President Of Haiti?



Wyclef Jean and his company Yele Haiti Foundation have been spear heading efforts in Haiti to improve its infrastructure since the 2010 Earthquake, and it is being rumored that he has plans to run for president of the broken country. The musician’s rep would neither confirm nor deny, according to the Canadian Press.

French-language newspaper Le Droit reported that a source close to the Haitian government is “sure” the singer and producer will be a candidate. The newspaper claimed he’s taking steps to formalize his candidacy, which must be registered by the first week of August.

“We don’t have anything to talk about at this point, that’s for sure,” Adrienne Jacoby told The Canadian Press in a telephone interview Saturday. “I know there’s always rumors flying, but we don’t have anything definitive on our end, so if anything were to change, I’m sure a press release would be issued.”

wyclef for president


  1. Another financially irresponsible president is the LAST thing Haiti needs! The IMF is giving them a fresh start, I hope the people elect someone who’s going to move them forward, instead of someone who even has trouble keeping a charity afloat without issues!


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