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It ain’t a BLESSING, if you had to SIN to get it!


To understand this should go without having to explain it, but it’s crazy just how confused some people really are. It’s highly offensive when people say something is a blessing (of special favor, mercy, or benefit) that is rooted in sin.

God’s favor upon a person is what a blessing is, through the infusion of holiness and divine will. A blessing is considered to be a gift bestowed by God. At the core, to be “blessed” means ‘to be favored by God’. Blessings are directly associated with God and come from God. Therefore, to express a “blessing” is a way to magnify the goodness of God. To acknowledge the bestowal of a divine gift (such as a blessing) on people who knowingly sin, by seeking to devour others and by causing damage, harm and disadvantage to others, is wrong. Actions may result in what appears to be of benefit to a person, but in reality it is a curse, not a blessing! If your intentions aren’t pure, you will surely suffer misfortunes…it’s just a matter of time. So to be clear, it’s not a blessing if you’re doing all kinds of wrong just to get it!

  • If you had to lie, cheat or steal to get it, it’s NOT a blessing.
  • If you had to be a home-wrecker to get someone’s husband or wife, it’s NOT a blessing.
  • If you had to threaten to expose someone to get it, it’s NOT a blessing.
  • If you had to prostitute yourself in order to have it, it’s NOT a blessing.
  • If you had to swindle or cheat someone out of it, it’s NOT a blessing.
  • If you had to trick, coerce, exploit or manipulate someone to get it, it’s NOT a blessing.
  • If you had to hurt others to accomplish it, it’s NOT a blessing.
  • If you had to sell products that addict people and cause pain in order to get it, it’s NOT a blessing.
  • If you had to get it through scams or schemes, like insurance money… government benefits… or even getting pregnant on purpose to trap a man, it’s NOT a blessing.

A blessing is something promoting or contributing to happiness, well-being, and prosperity that comes from God, it is NOT rooted in sin. In fact the opposite occurs when you sin…you will reap what you sow, for God is a just God and ultimately the wages of sin is death (not blessings). There was a time when people were ashamed to sin and their convictions led them to repent. Nowadays people sin and then they want to try to convince you, that the result of their sin is somehow a blessing. Child PLEASE….quit saying that! ~ Doc Mel

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IMG_0060Doc Mel is a Relationship & Lifestyle “Encourager” & “Inner-Spirit” Life Coach! Author of a new provocative “pocket-sized book” for African-American women entitled “KISSKeep ISimple Sistah” that’s now available on her webpage or online at Amazon Books… She outlines “Seven Principles” women can adopt as they relate to each other, children, and men. It’s REAL, RAW, & UNCUT!





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