J. Cole May Have A Mystery Woman


Does J. Cole have a boo we don’t know about? The rapper tweeted a picture of a female’s hand that had what looks to be her index finger tatted with the saying “Cole World”. Interestingly enough, along with the picture that rapper tweeted “So I know it’s real”. Is he talking about he knows that his fans are serious about him or the love he may have with some chick?

I wonder if it’s some type of romantic relationship because it’s obvious that it’s a male hand propping the female hand up in the picture.  As of now, I’m not quite sure about what exactly he’s mentioning. However, I’m sure he will begin to get a ton of direct messages and mentions on Twitter that will probably prompt him to answer the question because I know I’m not alone in wondering about this situation.

What are your thoughts on the above picture? A really dedicated fan or a mysterious boo that we don’t know about?


  1. man u sound like media takeout..that quote is from drake and rick ross song…slow
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  2. I think he is talking about the love that his fans have for him. I haven’t heard anything from him that would make me want to get a tat but to each his or her own.

  3. This looks like two sets of hands…The button looks like a dudes and the top with ‘Cole’s World’ is the females…could it be J.Cole and his lady or what? But regardless it does not look like those hands belong to the same person but two different people…

  4. Thats his girlfriend DICKS , Just because he posted a pic of a girls hand & his doesn’t mean its some mysterious chick idek where you got this whole idea from its stupid. She posted the same picture with the caption ” My goodluck charm” idiots

  5. Actually you are all wrong. This was at one of his concerts in Tampa/St. Pete, Florida back in September of 2011. This was a FAN (not his girlfriend) of J.Cole’s that was brought up on stage and got to meet him since she got Cole World tattooed on her. I was there =]


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