J.R. Smith And K. Michelle New Romance & Tweets


Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star K. Michelle has a new romance forming with NBA New York Knicks, J.R. Smith. The two had met at one of K’s performances in New York.  They have been flirting and talking all over Twitter. Check out what he thinks about K. Michelle’s booty in his most recent tweet….

J.R. Smith really loves a woman with a nice booty.


J.R. and K. Michelle continue their Twitter flirting. He says he had many big booties, but there is more to K. Michelle than that! K. has said she is intrigued by J.R.  Is love in the air for the two?!




  1. they just using each other for air time. who puts a genuine relationship on twitter? p.s. i never heard of this dude. he sound thirsty.

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