Jackson Bodyguard: Jackson Children Saw Father On His Deathbed



I really don’t know what to say about all this other than its just really really sad. Testimony at the preliminary hearing for Michael Jackson’s doctor described how the singer’s two oldest children watched in horror as their father lay motionless on what became his death bed. Alberto Alvarez, a bodyguard for the late pop star, told prosecutors on Wednesday that while Dr. Conrad Murray tried to revive Jackson, the singer’s children — Prince and Paris — entered Jackson’s bedroom and that Paris screamed “Daddy” and started crying. Alvarez says, Murray instructed him to take the children out of the room telling him, quote, “Don’t let them see their father like this.” He also testified that the doctor asked him to gather bottles, vials and an IV bag and put them in bags. Alvarez said all of this was done before anyone called 911. He said when he first entered Jackson’s bedroom he saw the doctor standing over the singer and administering chest compressions with one hand. Alvarez said at that point Jackson was on his back on the bed and his eyes and mouth were open.

When Deputy District Attorney David Walgren asked Alvarez if Jackson appeared to be alive or dead, Alvarez replied, quote, “Dead, sir.” An autopsy later revealed that the 50-year-old pop star died from acute intoxication of propofol, a drug that has been described as a powerful anesthetic used to put people under for surgery. Prosecutors say Dr. Murray failed to tell paramedics or medical personnel that he had administered the drug to the pop star and that the doctor’s actions were, quote, “an extreme deviation from the standard of care.”

Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. The preliminary hearing is expected to last up to two weeks after which a judge will decide if there is enough evidence to send Murray to trial.


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