Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Red Table Talk’ Gets Renewed Through 2022 with a Spinoff On the Way!


The wildly popular Facebook-based multi-generational talk show, “Red Table Talk,” has been renewed through 2022! Also, a spinoff of the Emmy-nominated show is on the way featuring the family of a legendary Cuban-American singer-songwriter!

PEOPLE Magazine reports that the hit talk show, “co-hosted by Pinkett Smith, 48, her daughter Willow Smith, 19, and her mom Adrienne, 65, has been picked up for three more years.”

Also, there is a spinoff in the works: Red Table Talk: The Estefans! The new show will be based in Miami featuring legendary Cuban vocalist Gloria Estefan, her daughter Emily who is also a musician, and her niece, Daytime Emmy Award-winner Lili Estefan! 

Pinkett-Smith seems quite pleased with the show’s renewal and the coming spinoff! In a statement, she says: 

“I’m incredibly proud of ‘Red Table Talk,’ and thrilled to build upon this franchise with my family and with Gloria, Emily, and Lili. ‘Red Table Talk’ has created a space to have open, honest and healing conversations around social and topical issues, and what’s most powerful for me is hearing people’s stories and engaging with our fans in such a tangible way on the Facebook Watch platform. I’m excited to see the Estefans put their spin on the franchise and take it to new places.”

Tune in to new episodes of Pinkett-Smith’s “Red Table Talk” on Mondays on Facebook Watch and stay tuned for updates on the premiere of the Estefan spinoff!



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