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Jae Mills disses Pusha T

Most recently following this ongoing G.O.O.D. Music versus Young Money beef,  Jae Mills released a diss record entitled  “Hearing Voices” taking aim at Pusha T.  In the song Millz  questions Pusha supposed street credibility in the drug game, as well as mentions his  quality of music and new connection with Kanye and G.O.O.D. Music with lyrics like :


“I’m tired of all these corny-a– rappers / So-called trappers, telling they story backwards / Talking all that white s–t, you ain’t never had it / Post office visits the only time you stamped the package.”

“Shame on me on yet to have an album in a wrapper / But n—a shame on you for every album gettin’ wacker / And you a d–krider, switch sider, certified clique hopper, still getting nada.”


Its seems that  these low blows didnt make Pusha T. the least bit frustrated when he had to address the issue surrounding the song in a recent interview with BET, stating :

“I guess they’re doing what they should do — it is what it is.” “As long as the music is good, I ain’t got no worries, man. Now, bad music I don’t like.”

During the interview Pusha does mention his brother/bandmate, No Malice, who has also been working solo. He also announces that they have plans to reunite for another Clipse album.

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