Jaheim Arrested For Speeding & Drug Charges In New Jersey



R&B singer Jaheim is facing charges after a run-in with the law last month. The vocalist was arrested on March 28th on speeding and marijuana possession charges. I ALWAYS knew Jaheim blew trees…but when he first came out, I didn’t understand the concept of a “weed smoking crooner.” Jaheim – whose full name is Jaheim Hoagland – was pulled over in Hillsborough, New Jersey for allegedly driving 65 in a 35 mile-per-hour zone. Once stopped, police reportedly noticed a strong scent of marijuana coming from Jaheim’s vehicle. The singer reportedly yelled at the authorities, but eventually consented to a search of his ride. Police subsequently found a small amount of marijuana underneath the driver’s seat, as well as several cigar wrappers throughout the car. Here’s the perfect song in honor  of Jaheim not making it home that night..

Jaheim released his fifth studio album, “Another Round,” back in February. The record sold 112-thousand copies in its first week, opening at number three on the Billboard 200.


  1. no surprised, he needs to get it right, the last time he got in trouble he was going get str8 and do right, Man get yourself together, you got a cd to promote.


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