Jamie Foxx Gets Beat-Up At Usher Belvedere Vodka Concert



Jamie Foxx was held in a headlock last night before club security broke up the brawl and dragged the other guy out in a choke hold … and TMZ got all the info from inside the club seconds after the fight. Belvedere Vodka recently celebrated the launch of its latest product, Belvedere Red with a special concert by Usher which is were the fight broke out.


Tocarra, Julissa Bermudez, May ,Melyssa Ford, LeToya Luckett, Brandon T. Jackson, Anthony Hamilton, LeToya Luckett, Estelle and Anthony Hamilton were amongst the many celebs that attented the event here are all the pic’s.

Here’s more of the detail. Jamie got into a scuffle at the Belvedere Red party at Avalon last night. According to an eyewitness who was in the thick of things, Foxx and the other guy were in a long conversation — and a pretty intense handshake — when the guy suddenly pulled Jamie down and put him in a headlock.

It took security about 20 seconds to pull the guy off Jamie and then drag him out.

No cops were called and there were no injuries.


  1. Serves his punk ass right. Dude shoulda beat his instigating ass. U guys remember when Jamie worked with rapper Plies on that single and Plies was confronted by the rapper 40 Glocc? Well Jamie was fronting Plies off about him being a punk… All I’m saying is Jamie got what his weak ass deserved!


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