Jamie Foxx Family Won My Heart At The 2010 Grammy’s



Last night I watched Jamie Foxx do what most artist are afraid to do … share the spot light with family. It warmed my heart to watch him and his sister, Diondra Dixon, who has Downs Syndrome, out on the stage as she danced her heart out. Big ups to J. Foxx.

Foxx will release his fourth album, “Body”, on March 2, 2010. The first single is “Speak French“.

Check out the video of the Jamie’s performance from the 2010 Grammy’s below…


  1. Props to Jamie for letting his sister on stage and letting her have the time of her life! Sister was doing the damn thing.

  2. She made you think twice about people with challenges. It touched me as well I see she watch a lot of videos she was shaking her tail feather.


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