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Janay Rice Responds to Racist Halloween Costumes Mocking Domestic Violence

Ray Rice

It seems certain people believe domestic violence and racism is OK. Individuals have painted their faces black to resemble NFL star Ray Rice and carried around a blowup doll by her hair to resemble his wife, Janay Rice.

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As if the Ray and Janay Rice’s domestic violence dispute wasn’t painful enough to watch, now we are all having to relive the incident thanks to some folks who decided that dressing up like the football player and dragging a doll by its hair would make for a good Halloween costume!

Pictures have been circulating on the internet of people making light of the situation, some even dressing up in “black face”. Though it was clear that most of those people thought the thing was pretty funny, Janay Rice was not at all amused. Sports and political commentator Keith Olberman was also not amused, calling the people who decided to play dress up the “’world’s worst persons’ for laughing in the face of domestic violence — and for engaging in a history of racism and discrimination, if they did so in blackface.”

Olberman went on to share some of the disturbing photos via social media.
domestic violence

Janay, although obviously bothered, decided to take the highroad when she released a statement to TMZ over the weekend. “It’s sad, that my suffering amuses others. I am praying for them,” she tweeted.

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