Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi “Tight Rope”


This is Janelle Monae’s new video “Tight Rope” featuring Big Boi. I must say, Monae and Left Foot make an incredible duo. Its like Big Boi found him a female 3 stacks. But I really dig this lady…everything from her style, to her voice, to her INGENUITY. The concept of this video is cool, so check it out, and tell me what you think.


  1. Love it ! I saw this girl at an ATL hairshow about 5 years ago – she hasnt changed her energy at all – thats what I love about this artist Janelle Monae !!! fresh air for sure

  2. Shes cute reminds me of a young Anita baker in the face, however, I dont like her music or dancing, it just don’t go, she needs to dress (put on a dress) a little more classy….


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