Janet Jackson’s Husband Accused Of Firing Norwegian Rape Victim In Dubai


Janet Jackson Wissam Al ManaThe billionaire husband of pop superstar Janet Jackson has found himself at the center of a scandal involving a Norwegian businesswoman who claims she was raped in Dubai.  The woman, Marte Dalelv(Photo below), was an interior designer for Wissam Al Mana’s company when she took a trip to the United Arab Emirates on business back in March.


While there, she reported to police that she’d been raped by a co-worker and was sentenced to 16 months in prison for extramarital sex – the punishment under Sharia law.  The charges against Dalelv were dropped on Monday, but just six weeks after the incident, she was fired from Al Mana’s company, with a letter signed by Jackson’s husband himself.

On Saturday, Al Mana Interiors released a statement in regard to their involvement in the case.  The company claims to have offered to help with the woman’s legal troubles, saying they were “sympathetic” to her “very difficult situation.”  It also insists that her termination had nothing to do with her rape allegations and took place only when she “declined to have positive and constructive discussions about her employment status.”  The Dubai court’s sentencing took place last week.  The woman had been staying in Dubai under the protection of the Norwegian Sailor’s Church thanks to negotiations through her home country.


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