Jay Z & Beyonce Perform “Young Forever” At Yankee Stadium


(9/15/2010) Last night in New York City, Jay-Z brought out a lot of surprise guests at the Eminem & Jay-Z. Among all of the surprise guest, Beyonce was one them, and they performed Jay’s track Young Forever. Check it out!

Video: RapRadar



  1. It’s good to see Jay showing his undying love for his wife Beyonce. Wow both were wearing thier bling bling wedding rings. I love Beyonce voice much better than Mr. Hudson on this song. Beyonce looks so fabulous and she’s glowing. Wow her eys are full of love when looking at Jay, and the glow that comes over her face when she smiles. Jay is even glowing and smiling hard especially when he stares at his wife. I admire Jay when he went to meet his wife coming down the stairs, a very good look Jay, must repect for what belongs to you.


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