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Jay-Z Signed Deal with Duracell Powermat Wireless Energy Solution

Although Jay-Z has just become a father as Beyonce has given birth to a beautiful baby Blue, it appears that he still got business on his mind.



It was recently announced that Jay-Z has signed to be an investor and the face of Duracell Powermat wireless power.



According to sources, Duracell Powermat, LLC, was formed in 2011 by Procter & Gamble.



The company has recently signed a deal with entrepreneur and tech-savvy people who will invest in the business as well as be the face of Duracell Powermat.

The company thinks that Jay-Z speaks to the tech-savvy people of modern age who live and breathe technology such as smartphones. The company focuses on those tech-savvy people because its product, Duracell Powermat, is quite related to that. The company reportedly said that this technology is going to bring a revolution in wireless energy.

What do you think? Will Jay Z succeed? He’s already got a lot of things to do for his baby, right? Now he has to prove himself again.

Spotted @ the.LIFE.

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