Jay-Z Spends $250,000 On Champagne In Miami


Sources are saying that Hov balled hard in Miami this past Sunday at the album release party for Watch The Throne. He is said to have dropped $250,000 for champagne and even threw in a $50,000 tip. It must be good to live like this when your Forbes top earner amongst other hip hop artists. We told you that Jay earned a whopping $37 million this past year so it makes sense that he would drop this kind of cash in Miami. In addition to being named Forbes top earner, he and Kanye West album Watch The Throne has broken iTunes sales records with estimated number of 290,000 downloads. This is most definitely an accomplishment for the times we’re living in now. Jay-Z showd the real definition of big pimping! What do you think of choice to spend that much money on champagne and leave such a huge tip? Showing off or just being his self with his lavish lifestyle?


  1. he couldve given that money to a public school or an urban boy and girls club.. He shouldnt have that much money in his possession, especially since he doesnt know what to do with it

  2. That’s not much for someone that has his type of money.. He had a reason to celebrate so he did it big… I don’t see anything wrong with that.. That’s just saying someone makes 50K a year and they go out and spend $1000 in a club to celebrate…. I’m pretty sure he gives just as much to charity.. SN: I love the Watch The Throne Album.. Him and Kanye did that.. That’s what hip hop needed!!!!


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