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Jay-Z Unveils Plans of New Music Streaming Brand


Rapper and mogul, Jay-Z unveiled plans of a new music streaming brand called “Tidal.” This will be the first ever artist-own streaming brand and it will bring together high-fidelity audio and exclusive content.

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A big congrats are in order to Mr. Carter! The rapper introduced plans of launching a new music streaming band named “Tidal.” Tidal will be combining high-fidelity audio and video as well as curated content. Jay-z brought the music streaming service Aspiro earlier this year.

The best thing about Tidal is it will be artist-owned. Artists from all over came to support the new music movement. Many of them changed their social media pics to a light blue screen and used the official hashtag #TidalforALL


Rihanna, Madonna, Alicia Keys, and many more came out to sign paperwork to make it official.

Madonna Tidal

Tidal will have millions of songs and thousands of high-definition videos available in 31 countries. It will have two subscription tiers defined by audio quality: $10 a month for the standard quality and $20 for CD-quality streams.

It is great seeing artists taking over their music. However, I am curious to see how the world will react to Tidal and the fact that it is not free. What are your thoughts? Comment below!

Check out what artists had to say about Tidal:

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