Jay Z Wants Lebron To Play For The Nets



The hunt for Lebron James will continue through July 1, and there after, as teams are attempting to woo Bron Bron with enticing package deals, and for once, the RIGHT team to win his first championship. David Letterman wants Lebron to stay with Cleavland and not “cut the heart” out of that city. Hova would rather have Lebron to come to the Nets, but we all know, the Nets are straight bums right now. David Letterman let Jay Z know that Lebron will not win a championship if he was to go with the Nets. I think he’s right.

Letterman: He would be a bigger hero staying with Cleavland. What are his chances winning with the Knicks? Zero. What are his chances winning with the Nets? Noooot that good.
Hov: Just give us a chance. Give us (The Nets) a better chance.
Letterman: Ok, you all have a better chance than the Knicks. Thats like saying he has got a better chance with cubscouts than the girl scouts.

By: Xavier B.



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