Jay Z will bring 40/40 clubs to U.S. airports


Rap superstar Jay-Z will soon be touching down in airports all over the country. AllHipHop.com is reporting that the emcee and his business partners — Juan and Desiree Perez — have reached a deal with Delaware North Companies that will bring Jay-Z’s 40/40 clubs to as many as 20 U.S. airports. He just published his book that is a best seller and even Oprah read it! Desiree Perez says they’re looking to provide travelers with a “first-class” experience as they relax or watch their favorite sporting events. He states, “We want to see our club grow, and to bring those experiences to travelers. A partnership with Delaware North will do just that.” Delaware North executive Robert Stanton says they’re “thrilled” to be working with Jay-Z, adding, quote, “the club will bring a new experience that we are sure travelers will welcome.” It has not been announced when Jay-Z’s 40/40 clubs will begin arriving in airports.


  1. I’m happy for Jay and his partners it’s been along time coming. Jay’s always pushed himself above the rest, has out done everybody who makes it their job to outdue, so it’s only natural for him to escalate things to the next level; (why just sit at the top when theres so much room to fly around). lol

    Questions…is there a stock ticker…How can i invest?


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