Jeezy Confirms New Album Release Date



Fans have been waiting for Jeezy to release his highly anticipated second album TM103: Hustlerz Ambition and after a couple of push back release dates he says he finally has an official date. Check inside for details about the release of his second studio album.

The push back has not only been frustrating for Jeezy but fans as well so Jeezy took time to personally announce that the album will be officially released on Decemebr 20, just in time for Christmas. Although most artists can not control the delay it definitely puts a bad taste in the fans mouth who are ready to hear the new music so we hope this date is final. He also posted on the Thug Motivation Twitter account: “12-20-11 #TM103  hustlaz ambition buy 1 for the house the car and your ipod….. the wait is over”

Whats really crazy is that Ross comes out a week before Jeezy (Beef Here). Jeezy sat and spoke with Hot 93.7 Jenny Boom and also said this about the continious delay: “I’ma keep it real. At the time, you know I had to go live life”.

Great news for the fans and we’ll keep our fingers crossed about  finally hearing TM103: Hustlerz Ambition. Go pick up your copy on December 20…..hopefully.


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  1. eh,,, the real reason he hasnt released it yet is because in some ppl’s eyes..Jeezy is about as washed up as Kat Stacks pussy!



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