Jennifer Hudson a No Show for Jackson Tribute Concert


Jennifer Hudson shocked producers by not showing to the Michael Jackson Tribute, which she was reportedly already paid to perform, TMZ reports. The “I Can” R&B singer tweeted that afternoon that she wasn’t going to be able to do the show because of “major production issues.” According to TMZ sources, Jennifer claims that producers didn’t give her enough time with the music she was to perform, although she received her music at the same time as everybody else, the source says.The sources also claim that the Dream girl had already signed her contract, and was fully paid. JHud’s rep confirmed for TMZ her reason for cancelling, but says producers “completely understood”, even though TMZ’s source says this isn’t the case.

 I personally cannot believe that she would just skip out on such a big event especially when there are performers like Chris Brown who weren’t even allowed to come. What do you think? Could JHud have possibly skipped out on a performance?

Spotted @TMZ


  1. Smh, thats disrespectful to me… like MJ is an I would die. I would be honored to be selected.



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