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Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard in “Winnie”:+ Real Winnie Mandela Pissed


Promo pictures have emerged of Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard’s all star cast of “Winnie”. The 30 year old Oscar nominated singer, mother, and actress has a starring role as Winnie Mandela while seasoned actor Terrence Howard depicts her husband Nelson Mandela. The drama is based around the life of Winnie starting from her childhood to her marriage with Nelson Mandela.

In other news it is still believed that the real Winnie Mandela does not approve of the new movie and has been known to even call it an insult. Winnie has said neither producers for this movie nor Jennifer Hudson herself have took time to speak with Winnie.
Hudson has been reported saying she would love to speak with Winnie but was advised otherwise by the producer of the film. What do you think; can you depict a story of someone’s life that you never talked to?


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