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Jennifer Hudson Covers Ebony Magazine + Discusses How Her Fiancee Saved Her Life

Songstress Jennifer Hudson is covering the Decemeber issue of Ebony magazine. In the magazine she touches on a number of issues that have surrounded her career. Most interestingly, she notes how her fiancee, David Otunga, saved her life. Read inside to find out how.

We all remember the tragic killings of her mother, nephew, and brother that occurred back in 2008. However, what we didn’t know was that Jennifer was supposed to be with them on the very day they were killed. The only reason she wasn’t there was because David asked her to come to one of his WWE matches out in Florida. In the magazine she states,

“He wanted me to come out to Florida with him instead of going to Chicago. I flew out to see him; that’s why I’m still here. That’s one  of the things that saved my life. Because I could have been home with my mum  then. I’ve never said that before, and I can’t believe I just said that now. But  I didn’t know.”

WOW! What a story! I would never have guessed. While she did speak on that sensitive area in her life, she also spoke about another sensitive area in her life….her weight. I will never forget the hilarity that ensued after someone on twitter tried to trash Jennifer for claiming she was a size zero. She told Ebony magazine,

” I am going to finally address that size-zero thing that Joy [Behar] said on The  View. Hell I wasn’t even on the show. I never said I was a size zero. I got  crucified by I don’t know how many people who cussed me out because they said  I’m putting out the wrong message and telling people to be a size zero. I got  called every name under the sun and was told, ‘You should be ashamed of yourself  for talking about being that size.’ Well, honey, when I do say I’m that size,  then give me that speech. I never said that.”

There you have it folks! Unless you heard it come out of her mouth, don’t go for it! LOL! What do you think of Jennifer’s interview with Ebony?

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