Jennifer Hudson Says “NO” To Playboy


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Jennifer Hudson was asked if she’d ever pose for Playboy now that she’s slimmed down. Her answer:

“That’s just not me.”

The singer dropped 80 pounds within months of giving birth to her son David Jr. in 2009. She decided to lose weight and get healthy after feeling ashamed when friends didn’t notice she was pregnant with the baby.

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She tells Britain’s Daily Mirror:

“I love my new figure. All the fabulous clothes I can wear and get sent, I joke that I’m like a walking billboard now.

“But I won’t be taking my clothes off – no way at all. Beyonce and Rihanna can have that. I like to cover up more. I won’t do Playboy. Playboy can call, and wait. That’s just not me.”

That’s my girl, I agree J-Hud is a beautiful woman inside and out. Playboy isn’t for everybody especially for a classy sophisticated woman such as she. As long as she has the power of moving people with her powerful voice that’ll always be her meal ticket so she doesn’t need playboy money.


  1. Well damn…. Tell em you really feel Jen. I guess the rumors about her and Beyonce falling out was true. Ouch! But what she said is real though. Beyonce and Rhianna are the take it off and gyrate on the floor queens.

  2. At least beyonce’s man ain’t gay. Nobody wants to see her with the saggy stretched skin in playboy. Yuck.


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