Jennifer Lopez Rejects Ex Boyfriend As Idol Contestant



(9/24/2010) Jennifer Lopez has banned ex-boyfriend Ojani Noa from auditioning for “American Idol.” Talk about showing your power immediately as you get on the scene. Apparently, he was going to try to sing in front of Lopez and the other judges at the L.A. auditions Wednesday (Sept. 22). Except Noa is 38 years old and nobody in L.A. sang for the judges Wednesday, as it was just the initial round of auditions. Reportedly Lopez told FOX not to let him anywhere near the auditions, which sounds like a smart move because he could have easily ended up in hand cuffs.


  1. Correction that dude was her first husband.Jlo is currently on her 3rd marriage.Her ex must be obsessed with exposing her bcuz he tried to put a book out n now he wants to stalk her at work.smfh


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