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Jermaine Dupri Faces Yet Another Lawsuit, Business Partner Screams Foul


The once prolific music man Jermaine Dupri is facing yet another lawsuit. Find out the deets below.

ATL’s once powerful mogul is back in the headlines once again over a lawsuit where someone is saying Dupri owes them money

Per Radar Online:

According to the legal documents filed in a Georgia courthouse, Dupri’s former Dieniahmar Music LLC partner Eddie Weathers claims they supposed to split profits 50/50 but was purposely kept out of a merger deal that cost him hundreds of thousands in royalties.

They go on to say:

“On April 11, 2008, Weathers received a check from Mauldin’s new business manager…in the amount of $275,752.97 which represented two years of back pay royalties due Weathers,” the civil suit states.

Weathers claims that when Dupri hired a new business manager in 2011, Willie Carter, his payments ceased, or came late, or were just a fraction of what he was owed.

And when Dupri told Weathers he planned to sell Dieniahmar Music to EMI in April 2013, he claims he was promised a $238,000 cut — which he never got.

Homie is looking for a million in damages. And seeing as though JD is now Mariah Carey’s personal whipping boy, managerI doubt he’s gonna back down and pay. How would that media report look? Yikes!

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