Jermaine Jackson’s Ferrari Purchase Angers Katherine Jackson




When it rain it pours; Katherine Jackson is having a bad week in addition to losing her case she’s angry at Jermaine for spending money on a Ferrari.

Check out the details below.

Sources close to Katherine Jackson tells TMZ that she’s upset at her irresponsible son Jermaine Jackson who can’t take care of himself, his kids, and his business.

Jermaine spent more than $160,000 on a Ferrari last week during Michael Jackson’s wrongful death trial. As the world knows Jermaine is full of debt and owes enough child support money to feed a small nation. According to the source Katherine feels like Jermaine is taking advantage of her.

Mrs. Jackson has recently bailed Jermaine out of his debt and she finds his purchase stupid. In addition to these feelings of anger supposedly Jermaine’s baby mama Alejandra asked for rent money but he had none. Guess he spent that money on his fancy car. Jermaine to spent $70,000 for the car (he got  around $90k for the Rolls he traded in) but he can’t  pay his bills or his child  support.

In addition to this Katherine is feeling some sort of way because Jermaine and Randy talked her into filing the wrongful death lawsuit that she lost last week.

As OLD MISTER from the Color Purple would say,


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Story spotted at TMZ.

Picture via Instagram.


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