Jersey Shore Cast Members Ronnie And Situation Get Into Brawl In Italy!


Apparently the Jersey Shore cast members aren’t leaving the drama in the U.S! Now filming the fourth season of the hit reality show in Italy, there was reportedly a large fist fight between cast mates Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, with Ronnie allegedly beating up The Situation. DAMN! There are photos of both of the men with cuts and bruises.

Judging from these pictures, it looks like The Situation got his ass whooped! Sources over at TMZ also say that the fight was caused after an altercation between Ronnie and on again/off again girlfriend, castmate Sammi.


  1. well thats good for was bound to happen..the way situation goes in on Buy went Bankrupt so they working with Apple to give away these $1,000 giftcards for ANYTHING Apple at their store!! I use 2 emails & got –

  2. well for me this was a bad thinge but all of this drama since season 1 that wat make jersey shore cool and crazy also drama keeps jersey shore alive if there worent any drama it would just be about 8 people in a house dowing nothinge just going to clubs


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