Jim Carrey Comes Out Of The Closet + CBS Rejects Gay Dating Site’s Super Bowl AD



The Homies over at Dlisted posted these pictures of Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor who were named knights in France’s National Order of Arts in Paris. The two felt the need to express their love and happyness by lip locking each other… I must say I dont think thats a good look… If they are not really Gay… LOL

P.S. Jim  looking really old now…

Rejects Gay Dating Site’s Super Bowl AD

In other gay news, Gay-dating site Mancrush.com claims CBS has rejected its proposed Super Bowl commercial because it features two men making out on a couch. Mancrush.com spokeswoman Elissa Buchter told CNBC’s Darren Rovell that CBS said it was sold out of Super Bowl advertising time.

Rovell writes that as of Thursday, advertising time remained for the Feb 7 game. That raised the question of, if CBS is willing to air Tim Tebow’s pro-life spot, why not a commercial for a same-sex dating site? Money, or lack of it, might be the real issue. One unnamed television source told Rovell the site wouldn’t pass the mandatory credit check. Hummm..

I was watching the View and saw that the ladies where quite upset that the commercial was not aloud to be played. The ladies felt that its not right for the public to show two girls kissing but not two men… Gay is Gay?… Watch the video and tell me what you think…


  1. Totally inappropriate to air during the superbowl. I have sons, and this will never be something that I would want them to witness as long as I can help it. As far as I am concerned, they did the right thing by pulling the plug on this one.

  2. UGH! This is way too much…the Super Bowl is a time for some families to get together, and having to explain something so heavy as homosexuality to children ,or to debate it amongst adults is way too awkward and inappropriate…


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