Joe Jackson Say’s “Michael Jackson Was Not Gay” Just Different.. Hummm?

The homies over at are reporting that MJ’s Daddy isn’t very happy with all the gay rumors that are all over the internet.

After alleged associate Jason Pfeiffer said on television that the record-breaking entertainer behind such landmark albums as Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad was living an alternative lifestyle, Michael’s former physician Dr. Alan Klein backed up the claims. Klein told TMZ he walked in on Pfeiffer and the singer with their shirts off.
Michael’s father Joe Jackson vehemently denied the accusations. “It’s not true… Michael was not gay.”

Joe went on to add that he feels Klein has disrespected his son’s memory as well as their past friendship. “He has no respect for Michael… to say things about him when he’s gone is shameful.” “He’s a doctor and knows better than to break his vows against a patient.”—Keith Murphy

The King of Pop Michael Jackson,  died June 25, 2009. If MJ was still here what do yall think he would be saying?

12 responses to “Joe Jackson Say’s “Michael Jackson Was Not Gay” Just Different.. Hummm?”

  1. Hanna says:

    When will this ever end? Mike is dead let him rest in peace……………….. Long live the king….

  2. sabrina says:

    If michael was still with us i think he would deny the gay rumors like he had his entire life. Michael was not gay, klein is being very disrespectful and unprofessional.

  3. Chelsa says:

    If Michael was still here, I’d hope he’d sue the snot out of them! For once, I agree with Joe Jackson about something. The doctor had no business chimming in about Michael’s sexuality. So what if he walked in and caught Michael and the other guy with their shirts off. What does that prove? Were their pants off too?!? Were their genitals exposed? Did he actually catch them in a sexual act? Hell, most of the guys hangin’ at the beach today have their shirts off. Doesn’t mean a damned thing! People still can’t stop bashing the King!!

  4. Kuromi says:

    Dr. Klein is placing all kinds of information about Michael Jackson in the media since his death. It does not change any negligent actions made by Dr. Klein or his employees. If Dr. Klein is not attempting to distract us from his medical/’professional negligence which may or may not have contributed to Michael Jackson’s death, is his only reason for talking about Michael Jackson is to clear the rumor about pedophilia? Talking about Michael Jackson’s sexual orientation does not accomplish that if it’s true that pedophiles can engage in sexual activities with adults. No evidence to prove pedophila or evidence to prove not pedophile would be helpful.

  5. pat says:

    i dont think mike was gay…for the simple fact that i dont think he was into adults…….hopefully not kids either tho……long live his music

  6. lullachild says:

    For the record, the TMZ report said that Klein saw them together and only Michael had his shirt off…If he was visiting a doctor’s office I suppose that would not be so unusual. In this report it says that they BOTH had their shirts off. This is how the media callously and cruelly can ruin a person’s reputation and their life. Many girls have come forward saying they were Michael’s girl friend or secret wife. On the internet there are many girls saying that they are Dirty Diana, Annie of Smooth Criminal, etc. When I worked with young children many years ago, some said that Michal Jackson was their father. People are so taken with Jackson’s genius and his personality that they have a deep need to be closer to him, to be a part of his magic. One fan wrote that she wished she had been born 500 hundred years after Michael because she could not stand that he had died. The media’s attitude about these people is that they are silly and foolish and after some bread. Not so Jason Pfeiffer. Because society stills considers homosexuality deviant it’s exciting that MJ might have had a homosexual affair and Pfeiffer is somehow elevated above all the girls as a serious person. Klein is obviously not to be trusted as he is implicated or at least potentially implicated in the death of Michael. I won’t say leave Michael alone because it won’t happen but I will say that freedom of the press–a core and crucial aspect of democracy– has become just as dangerous to the people as the right to bear arms has become–in both case the founding fathers simply didn’t know how low we’d go against each other. They were preserving our rights in the shadow of a government that might abuse its power and not realizing that the human animal is often criminal and bloodthirsty and that sadly we need protection against ourselves and each other.

  7. shelly longerbeam says:

    michael was never gay so you people need to shut up about saying he was gay he was the greatest king of pop ever now hes gone cause the of the stupid doctor…

  8. antonio wilson says:

    Leave Money Mike alone. He’s the best and always will be. I can care less what his sexual orientation was some of you people need to come out the closet.

  9. Nitra says:

    i for think that mike was not gay and i dont like the fact that after his death his close friends are putting his business out to the tabloids talk about friends!!!! if mike that would really hurts his feelings for someone to say that about him!!! DUMB PEOPLE THESE DAYS LEAVE HIM ALONE

  10. cc says:

    stop hating

  11. tianzhanae says:

    michael is not gay god damn it why werent these people saying shit before he died !!!!!!!!!!? im sick of this bullshit leave michael alone he was nothing but a loving kind hearted generous caring beautiful man inside and out!!!!!!!!!!! im so pissed of he cant even be left alone at death these people are pathetic and i hope they burn in hell for lying about a wondeful man

  12. Jacob says:

    MJ would deny and say how disgiusting and false the claims are. I hate Jason Pfeiffer and Arnold Klien.

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