John Legend Denies Stealing Music & Ready To Fight In Court



John Legend is denying allegations that he’s a song stealer. The Grammy winner tells E! News Anthony Stokes’ claims are “not true,” adding that he plans to “fight it in court” and “prevail.” Stokes filed a lawsuit earlier this month alleging Legend stole a song he wrote called “Where Are You Now” to create his track “Maxine’s Interlude” off his album “Once Again.” Stokes claims he gave the song to Legend when he visited the University of North Carolina in 2004, but Legend says he had “never heard” of the song until he was sued. Stokes is seeking all profits from sales and publishing income. Here are some of his bust music he made…

On a much lighter note, John Legend and his girlfriend, model Chrissy Teigen, have purchased a new French bulldog. John says Chrissy decided to name the dog Pippa because she’s a fan of Kate Middleton, the wife of British royal Prince William, and thought it would fit a “cute little dog.” Pippa is the name of Kate’s younger sister who has attracted much media attention of her own.


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