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JoJo Simmons Discusses Recent Rumors With The Breakfast Club

JoJo Simmons name has been in the news a lot lately and it hasn’t been because of his rap career. First he was accused of having relations with a transvestite named Julissa who had text messages to prove JoJo knew she was a tranny. Then, after all of that drama died down JoJo popped up again and was accused of being kidnapped from a Houston strip club and then having to pay a ‘hood tax’ before he was set free, (click here for the full story). JoJo has been pretty tight lipped about all of these accusations but recently decided to set the record straight on what really went down on Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club Morning show.

During the interview JoJo basically explains that his chain was not jacked and he was actually paid, by what seems to be a janky promoter, to do a performance at another club, and then was asked to do one at the strip after their first performance. There was also no ‘hood tax’ but a misunderstanding over $400. JoJo also claims that the tranny situation was just a misunderstanding because he was being a “horny kid” and saw a “phat butt” on twitter and decided to holla at her. Check the video below for the entire story.

You would think JoJo would probably be a little better with handling his business since his father and uncle are legends in the game. What are your thoughts?

Spotted @Rhymes With Snitch

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