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JoJo Simmons Speaks on Getting PUNKED by Skull Gang Member Hynief

Skull Gang member and Juelz Santana affiliate Hynief posted a picture on his Instagram this past weekend seemingly portraying JoJo Simmons in a compromising position when they met in Queens, New York,
Pic: Instagram

LOL!  JoJo Simmons  had a DEEEEEBO  moment when he got snatced up by Skull Gang Member Hynief a member of Julez Santana’s crew. JoJo not only got snatched but got snatched and photographed at the same damn time. DAMN DAMN DAMN JOJO!

The pic of the shook up JoJo and what the fight that has gone from interview beef to JoJo getting paws put on him in the streets inside…

We need JoJo to go somewere and SAT DOWN! C’mon son your daddy is Rev. Run; your uncl is Russell Simmons; your auntie is Kimora Lee Simmons; your baby brother is Diggy Simmons….you should be a WINNER! We think JoJo needs a friend or a mentor!

A while ago, JoJo released a diss track called “Holy Water” (But…WHY JoJo?) going in on Juelz Santana for his verse on his song “Soft.”  Jo said ont he track:

“Now how you gonna mention my uncle Russell / Then disrespect his nephew / The industry forgot you / Fucker, you nothing special/ These niggas hate to love you / Simmons will not let you / Compare your money to my money, boy that’s disrespectful.”

So the other day, one of Juelz’s Skull Gang (Bloods gang) homies, Hynief, rolled up on JoJo in Queens and snatched him up in the middle of the street and made him call Juelz to apologize.  Hence, the pic of a shook up JoJo above.  Hynief said:

Guess who I caught y’all Lil punk ass Jo Jo that made the diss track look at his face when he ace! #facts shouldn’t pop shit if u not bout that life real niggas don’t care who u related too fuck nigga

First off 2 everybody hating u can suck my dick 2nd I could of did the boy greasy I let him live its the principles don’t run ya fuckn mouth

What is really going on in these streets? Why they paying JoJo any attention is the BIGGER QUESTIN? We need the goons to get their life too! LOL

In the voice of Old Mister from the “Color Purple”

“It’s all too trifiling and confusing!”

JoJo has now spoken out about the incident today in a video… with some thugs behind him as he “explained” the situation and tried to act as hard as possible.

So what you think about JoJo beening in them streets?

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